iWheeLife is an effective wheel app that lets you assess your practicing progress in music and supports you in your daily practicing routine

iWheeLife includes various predefined wheels:

  • Practice – where you can set your total time devoted to every-day practice and record how much you devote to every single aspect of practicing (scales, etudes, repertoire, etc.)
  • Dorothy Delay – where you can rate yourpotential when playing, according to the world-renowned Dorothy Delay’s assessment table.
  • Life – where you can use the effective coach tool of the Wheel of Life, to assess your life and set your goals for the future.

Fully Customizable

iWheeLife is fully customizable: you can create your personal wheels with your specific slices and units of measurement.


Progress Assessment

In order to assess your progress, you can analyze the Graph section, where you can see your gradual improvements in time.

Elegant and nice colored design

Practice Helper

Imagine an app that helps you daily with your practicing skills!

 Progress Log every time, everywhere

iWheeLife enables you to practice and learn, recording progress in your phone, every time you need it, everywhere you want!

 A lot of students already using it: no more problems of not knowing what exactly devote your time to!

 Better Results

Customize every wheel according to your needs and use it every day for better results!

 Set your future goals and already feel them as real!



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